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Friday Morning 8:30-12:00

Basic Open Coiling

Instructor: Susan Nonn
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 15 Min #: 3
Location: Classroom #1
Description: Students will learn basic open coiling techniques for hiding the drilled holes and keeping their stitches straight. The coiling material is Danish cord that will be accented with Design Master Color sprays. The bowl will be dyed a chocolate brown and sealed. The interior will be left natural for students to paint their preferred color after class. This is a technique class, the project may not be finished during class time.

Instructor Will Provide: Seven/eight inch diameter gourd bowl, cut, cleaned, dyed and sealed, and a written tutorial.

Students Should Bring: An awl, and drill with a 5/64 drill bit. 



Things That Go Boo

Instructor: Terry and Sandy Jordan
Class Fee: $35 member, $40 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10   Min#:  1
Location: Classroom #2
Description: Come create this delightful nightlight for Halloween.  Come learn how to paint the Dewberry On-stroke way, creating the hombre shading and silhouette features to make your Halloween light come to life.  You will use buttons and Turkish beads in the light to create 3-D effects and allow light to shine through when the light is plugged in.

Instructor Will Provide: : Gourd (cleaned, cut and ready to paint), Gourd will be fitted with night light adapter, night light, all FolkArt Acrylic Paint, Foam Plates, Paper Towels, Indoor/Outdoor Polyurethane Spray, Turkish beads, assorted buttons to add to Halloween scene, Tutorial

Students Should Bring: One-stroke burshes:  ¾”, #12, and #10 flat, 1/3” liner (these brushes can be purchased from Sandy at her cost of $15.  Please contact her If you need brushes) , Paint waterbasin, sharp pencil, small drill and 9/64” bit

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Four Fun Faux Finishes

Instructor: Sherry Briscoe
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 15  Min #: 2
Location; Classroom #3
Description: This is an easy and fun class, where students will learn how to create four (4) different faux finishes:  Wood Grain, Leather, Turquoise, and Granite.  All techniques only require acrylic paints and some quick sponging/brushing methods to accomplish.  There will be some discussion of how these techniques can be used on numerous other pieces in a variety of ways.  Hopefully, the students will leave with lots of enthusiastic ideas for future gourd projects.

Instructor Will Provide: a cleaned/sanded/base-coated gourd, acrylic paints, painters tape, sponges, brushes, brush basins, vinyl gloves, paper towels, tutorial with full-color photo  of completed project in a vinyl sheet cover, and some scissors and hair driers for those students who may not have brought them.

Students Should Bring: an apron/smock to protect their clothing, sharp scissors, and a hair drier.



Wrapped Vase

Instructor: Fonda Haddad
Class Fee: $30 member, $35 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10 Min #:2
Location: Classroom #4
Description: Using Adirondack Inks we will create a multi-hued surface, then spray with acrylics to seal.  Butterflies, beads and flowers will be attached and the base and neck will be covered with fibers. 

Instructor Will Provide: everything.  all materials including gourds will be furnished.

Students Should Bring: Nothing

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Hawk Bill Sea Turtle

Instructor: Reggie Eakin
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Max # of students: 10 Min #:5
Location: Classroom #6
Description: The Hawk billed turtle is primarily a power carving that uses relied and layered carving to create a turtle swing into view. Colored pencils will be used to highlight the design or the student may prefer some other method at home.  Techniques for burning, coloring with pencils, coloring with memory ink, and stippling a border will be demonstrated. 

Instructor Will Provide: Prepared gourd, tutorial, pattern, transfer paper, pens, pencils, scissors, burrs, colored pencil sets, compass, memory ink, applicators, and embossing blowers.

Students Should Bring: A substantial rotary tool, wood burner (not Walnut hollow) with a knife edged tip pen, dust mask, and eye protection.


Oak Relief Carving

Instructor: Troy Tatum
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: Advanced
Max # of students: 12  Min:  3
Location: Classroom #7
Description:This is a advanced beginning power carving class. The participants will learn to carve an oak leaf on a gourd in relief. You will learn to transfer a furnished pattern to a gourd, cut away the gourd shell and define which areas are up and down, and how to rough out and finish the carving. We will have a detail discussion on power carving burrs and their uses and how multiple burrs can do the same work. We will only carve one leaf in class, but a pattern is furnished for two.

Instructor Will Provide:Detailed instructions (tutorial), carving pattern, transfer paper, tape, pencils and pens, electrical needs and table protection.

Students Should Bring: A micro carver or Dremel type flex-shaft carving tool with all the carving burrs you have. (We will discuss their uses). A stained craft ready gourd or gourd chard approximately ¼” thick for carving.  Also bring some extra gourd chards to practice on. Bring a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection, your gourd tool kit and a desire to learn and have fun.


Day Lilies

Instructor: Ellen Tatum
Class Fee: $35 member, $40 non-member
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Max # of students: 12  Min:  1
Location: Classroom #8
Description:Students will create a beautiful Calla Lily in a copper frame by wood burning the lily, coloring with inks, and dimpling the background with a carver.

Instructor Will Provide:Pattern for the Lily (stick and burn), Inks, Pattern for frame around the lily, copper metallic powder for the frame, extra cutting bits (if needed)  All set up and Clean up supplies.  Vase shaped gourds cleaned and ready to create on.

Students Should Bring: Mask, wood burner with skew and small ball bit, a rotory carver, or a Dremel with cutting  small ball bit.


Owl Gourd

Instructor: Pamala Redhaw (Prueitt)
Class Fee: $55 member, $60 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12  Min:  1
Location: Classroom #9
Description: In this class, the student will learn how to properly layout their design, woodburn smooth straight lines, feathers, and pine needles. You will use acrylic paints to add the white to the owl. You will use a carver or Dremel to stipple the background around the owl. You will also learn how to inlay beads into the sides of your gourd. This is a great gourd and will be finished during class!

Instructor Will Provide: Cleaned and prepared gourd, Pattern and instructions, beads, all ink dyes and paints.  We will be using Press N Seal to Transfer the design. If you would like to use carbon instead, please bring with you.

Students Should Bring: Gloves and mask, carver or Dremel with 192 ball bit from dremel or something comparable. woodburner with shader or 6a deatail master pen or something comparable.


Cactus Wren

Instructor: Debbie Wilson
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12  Min:  4
Location: TBA
Description: Students will get to explore intaglio carving with very small ball or dental bits to create a detailed carving of the cactus wren, learn how to make a textured shadowed background and how to use sandpaper to add “shading “ to their carving.

Instructor Will Provide: patterns and instruction sheet, gourd, pencils, tracing paper, sand paper, I will have extra dental bits for class use only. 

Students Should Bring: A rotary carver that will accept 3/32 or 3/64 size bits, make sure you have collets or adaptors for bits so they fit, a small ball bit or dental bits, sanding bit, a carbide bullet tip is helpful, but a very large ball bit can be used instead, apron or old shirt, mask.


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