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FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23rd  8:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Under the Sea

Instructor: Tonya Cubeta
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12
Min #:  2

Description: You will learn to weave a Gretchen boarder around the top of a gourd.  The gourds will already be dyed.  Then you will stamp fish and under water sea life on the gourd.

Instructor Will Provide: Everything to create project.

Students Should Bring: scissors and water bucket



Punked Up Tweety

Instructor: Terry and Sandy Jordan
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min#:  1

Description: Students will learn to create this wonderful little bird from a gourd by adding wings (using gourd pieces) and feet (using wire).  They will then start the “steam punk” process by adding silver foil to the gourd.  They will learn how to create a tarnished, metallic,  riveted look.  After completing the bird, they will then stain Tweety with black, copper, gold or silver.  Next they will start adding Tweety’s  punk embellishments with pieces of old jewelry, wire, cogs, washers, charms, coins, gears, wheels, etc.  You can embellish your Punked up Tweety with a little or a lot. You are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Punked up Tweety stands approximately 6 ½ “ tall.

Instructor Will Provide: Gourd and gourd pieces for bird, stand, Foil Tape, Copper Wire, Polyurethane to seal, black stain, copper stain, gold stain, assortment of jewelry pieces, washers, cogs, wheels, quikwood, and tutorial

Students Should Bring: scissors (bring those that can get sticky not your good ones), paint brushes, old jewelry if you like (this will be cut up), DAP Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesvie (this can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot), apron



Chicken Little

Instructor: Debbie Wilson
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 15
Min #:4
Description: Carve this cutie of a chicken and then make filigree slits around the feathers, and a contrasting background for the chicken with round bit stipples.  Students will add colors with transtint dyes and do additional carving of feathers around gourd. Finish off with a simple coiled rim and a chicken feather.

Instructor Will Provide: all gourds, prepped, dyed and drilled, patterns and instructions, sea grass, thread, needle, and feather. I will have some filigree bits for class use too.

Students Should Bring: Bring a rotary carver, at least two sizes of ball bits, more is better, and a sabur or a carbide bit that will take off the outer skin. Small straight or ball bits are needed also. If you have filigree bits bring them, I will have some too for class use. Dust mask, apron. Pease DO NOT bring diamond bits, Please do bring the right collets for your bits. The smaller Weecher tool will not work for the Filigree part.



Rest Stop

Instructor: Betsey Sloan
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12
Min #:6

Description: We will be “painting with sand” in this class.  The pattern is transferred and then woodburned.  Students may choose to carve around the images or add mountains, stones.  Once ready, we will use glue and sand to color in the images and surrounding areas.  Teacher is flexible as to overall pattern design. A light coat of acrylic sealer ends the project.

Instructor Will Provide: Cleaned closed gourd, tutorial, pattern, transfer tape, alcohol inks, glue and applicator, colored sand, finishing spray

Students Should Bring: Regular pen, woodburner with favorite tip, carver with several ball tips, dust mask, disposable gloves.


Faux Silk Dye

Instructor: Tonia Owen
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12
Min#: 2

Description: This fun and simple technique.  Using paint and the secrete ingredient on a prepared gourd.  I will show you how to get the look of silk dye and alcohol ink at the same time. We will NOT be putting a rim on the gourd during this class.  You will need to add your own rim at home.

Instructor Will Provide: prepared gourd, paint, sealer, secrete ingredient, gloss spray.

Students Should Bring: Bring a few different size round paint brushes ( I will have a few on hand) gloves, apron. If you have a blow dryer from another class bring I will have a few to share.



Give a Hoot (Carved)

Instructor: Laraine Short
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Max # of students: 10
Min #:3

Description: This cute owl is made of pine cone scales brown or off white.  Gourd is wood grained by carving and then staining.

Instructor Will Provide: Prepared gourd and all other supplies.

Students Should Bring: Carver with small burr, dust mask, glue gun with wood glue sticks

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