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FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23rd  1:30 pM - 5:00 PM


Boo to You












Instructor: Terry and Sandy Jordan
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min#:  1

Description: Come work with Terry to create this beautiful Halloween Ghost Lamp.  The student will use Quikwood to create a Happy Boo Ghost ready to bring inthe Halloween season.  Sandy will then teach you how to paint the ghost and add silhouettes.  You can choose to add a haunted house, flying witch, bats, a black cat, etc..  You are only limited by your imagination.  What a wonderful way to not “stay in the dark” on a spooky Halloween night.

Instructor Will Provide: Gourds (cut and cleaned) to create ghost, all paint, stencils and/or patterns,  quikwood, Turkish beads, lamp base and lamp kit, polyurethane, and tutorial

Students Should Bring: ONE-STROKE BRUSHES (If you cannot find these brushes, Sandy will have some for purchase--$18): small awl, drill with small bits, Paint Water Basin and Small paint brushes, apron


Lace It Up!

Instructor: Sherry Briscoe
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Max # of students: 12
Min #: 2

Description: In this class, there will be a discussion of how to properly prepare the gourd and set up the lacing design.  Students will learn how to use GourdMaster (GM) products (ink dyes/metallic inks/Formula 49/varnishes/protecting wax/etc.) and then they will color and seal their gourds.  They will learn two methods of lacing and will complete the lacing designs on their bowl.  When the lacing is finished, they will add a concho to the design.

Instructor Will Provide: a cleaned, cut, sanded, drilled gourd; GM Ink Dyes, Metallic Inks, Formula 49, Varnish, Protecting Wax; Concho; QuikWood; Leather lacing (choice of 2-3 colors); clothespins/clamps; awls; felt squares; vinyl gloves; paper towels; extra scissors for those who may not have them; tutorial with full-color photo of completed project in a vinyl sheet cover; and a heat gun for those who may not have one.

Students Should Bring: Apron/Smock to protect their clothing (inks will stain), sharp scissors, and a heat gun (not a hair drier)


This Class is Full


Beautiful Bowls made with Your Basic Gourd Tools

Instructor: Reagan Bitler
Class Fee: $35 member, $40 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12
Min #:1

Description: This great class will guide participants through the use of three basic gourd tools...wood burner, mini saw, and power carver…to create a beautiful mini bowl.  Students will be able to choose between a fall oak leaf pattern or a basic eight petal flower pattern.  The instructor will provide tips on deep, dark line burning, the basics of using a mini saw, and the use of a power carver for a stippling process.  Gourds will be finished using Wuertz Wonder Inks.

Instructor Will Provide: Cut and cleaned craft ready gourd, Wuertz Wonder inks, and sealer.

STUDENTS MUST BRING: Wood burner with a skew tip for lining, MicroLux Gourd Saw (Mini Saw) with extra blades, power carver of their choice with a variety of round burrs and a heat gun suitable to set inks.


This Class is Full


Black and White Double

Instructor: Debbie Wilson
Class Fee: $53 member, $58 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12
Min#: 3

Description: Make a wonderful contrasting art piece by spiral slewing natural round reed on black round reed with a dyed black gourd as the background, finish off your piece with a simple triple twine and double braided rim.

Instructor Will Provide: all reed, gourds prepped , dyed , drilled and sprayed, and  instructional packet  

Students Should Bring: water bucket, scissors, towel , apron


Indian Maiden

Instructor: Katie Westmoreland
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 15
Min #:2

Description: Student will woodburn, carve, and decorate with transparent acrylics. 

Instructor Will Provide: gourd (prepared) and all other supplies

Students Should Bring: Woodburner with knife or writing tip.  Carver (rotary tool), bits, to remove outer shell of gourd and ball bits various sizes, mask, apron, earplugs.



Wall Pocket

Instructor: Laraine Short
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min #:3

Description: This wall pocket is inked then carved. operated light.  Flowers not included.

Instructor Will Provide: All supplies for hanging are supplied plus a battery.

Students Should Bring: Carver with a small round burr and a dust mask.







Cat in Blue

Instructor: Betsey Sloan
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12
Min #:6

Description: This project looks like stained glass once the final material is added. Students will begin with pattern transfer and woodburning of the cat image. After painting the image, they will place adhesive lead strips to define areas and then add Crystal 3D Lacquer.  After drying, a wax will be applied to finish the gourd.

Instructor Will Provide: Tutorial, pattern, transfer tape, adhesive lead, paints and brushes, disposable gloves, alcohol inks

Students Should Bring: BRING  A cleaned gourd with a pattern size 5” tall x 4” wide, Exacto knive, regular ball point pen, woodburner and favorite tip, small sharp straight scissors.


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