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SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24th  1:00 PM –5:00 PM


Punked Jack

Instructor: Connie Williams and Karen Beckelman
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min #:  1

Description: Students will learn to create this wonderful jack o lantern from a cheese gourd.  They will add quikwood to the gourd to form eyes, nose and mouth.  They will start the “steam punk” process by adding silver foil to the gourd.  They will learn how to create a tarnished, metallic, riveted look.  After completing the pumpkin they will then stain Jack with black, copper, gold or silver.  Next they will start adding Jack’s punk embellishments with pieces of old jewelry, wire, cogs, washers, charms, coins, gears, wheels, etc.  You can embellish your Punked Jack with a little or a lot.  You are limited only by your imagination and creativity.  Punked Jack stands approximately 4.5 inches high and 7 inches in diameter.

Instructor Will Provide: Cheese Gourd, Foil Tape, Polyurethane to seal, black stain, copper stain, gold stain, assortment of jewelry pieces, washers, cogs, wheels, quikwood and tutorial.

Students Should Bring: Students need to bring: scissors (bring those that can get sticky not your good ones).  Paint brushes, old jewelry if you like (this will be cut up) DAP Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive (this can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot), apron.


Turtle Hatchling and Flamingo Ornament

Instructor: Terry and Sandy Jordan
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10  
Min#:  1

Description: Create your very own turtle hatchling and baby flamingo ornament.  The student will be instructed by Terry on how to create this wonderful baby turtle hatching from his egg "gourd".  Sandy will instruct the student on how to paint the turtle and egg shell.  Then you will create the baby flamingo ornament all dressed up and ready for your tree.  Terry will use quikwood to help you create your very own baby flamingo from two egg gourds.  What wonderful additions to your holiday tree. If time permits you will paint the flamingo as well.

Instructor Will Provide: Gourds to create baby turtle and flamingo, ornament hooks and ribbon, quikwood, sand, paint, polyurethane, feathers and tutorial

Students Should Bring: ONE-STROKE BRUSHES (If you cannot find these brushes, Sandy will have some for purchase--$18): Paint Water Basin and Small paint brushes, apron


Tree of Life—Purple

Instructor: Therese Ferguson
Class Fee: $65 member, $70 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12 
Min #: 8

Description: Students will learn to wire wrap stones to create the tree and then stitch seagrass for the rim.

Instructor Will Provide: Cleaned cut gourds, paints, stones, wire, trim, trim for the rim, needles, waxed sinew,  stain, sealer

Students Should Bring: small wire cutters and small needle nose pliers, dish cloth, small drill if you have one.


Deer Bowl

Instructor: Linda Vanderlaan
Class Fee: $65 member, $70 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min #:6

Description: Students will decoupage the inside of their gourd.  Then apply ink dye to the outside, draw and paint their deer with alcohol inks and/or transparent acrylics. They will then weave the rim with leather and fasten their antler and string beads to the leather ends.  After completion, the project will be sprayed.

Instructor Will Provide: drilled gourds, antlers, decoupage and paper, leather, ink dyes, alcohol ink, finish spray, patterns, gloves, pencils

Students Should Bring: paint brushes



Kudzu, Copper, Batik

Instructor: Susan Nonn
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 8
Min #:4

Description: Are you looking for a class that is unusual, different and exciting?  Well, then this class is for you.  The class is about combining unusual materials for weaving.  The woven gourd will use copper for the spokes and a combination of kudzu and Indonesian batik for the weavers.  Kudzu is the vine that has invaded the East Coast, smothering everything in its path.  What a wonderful way to use a plant not indigenous to this area.  Indonesian batik is a soft cotton material with a design that is strong on both sides of the fabric.  The instructor will supply students with a gourd that has already been cleaned, sealed inside, and the spokes inserted.  The class time will be used in weaving the kudzu and the batik together, to make this unique gourd.

Instructor Will Provide: Prepared gourd ready for weaving (cleaned, sealed, weighted, spokes inserted). Kudzu, Indonesian batik, and copper beads.

Students Should Bring: Bent needle nose pliers


Blooming with your MicroLux Gourd Saw

Instructor: Reagan Bitler
Class Fee: $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12 Min#: 1
Description: This skill class will guide students in the use of their woodburner and MicroLux Gourd saw to create a vessel with an intricate burned and cut flower pattern.  It is designed for participants who have previous experience in using a microlux Gourd saw.  The gourd will be finished with Wuertz Wonder Inks.  Time will not permit for the Gourd to be finished with a rim.

Instructor Will Provide: Gourds cleaned, inks for color

Students Should Bring: MicroLux Gourd saw, mini-saw blades, woodburner with a skew tip for burning lines, dust mask and apron, and a power carver with a variety of carving burrs


Pouring Medium Technique

Instructor: Tonia Owen
Class Fee: $55 member, $60 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min #:1

Description: Pouring medium is a fun class and no gourd will be the same. I will show you how to mix paint, water,medium  and silicone to the right constancy and pour over a gourd and watch the magic as it comes to life with cells and a marbling look. This is a fun class and the look is stunning as it dries. We will not be putting a rim on the gourd as it takes a good day to dry.

Instructor Will Provide: Gourd bowl, all supplies, stand to let your gourd dry overnite

Students Should Bring: old cloths, apron, large flat brush, gloves and small butane torch if you have one we can share I will have a few.


Swimming Sea Turtles

Instructor: Fonda Haddad
Class Fee: $55 member, $60 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10
Min #:1

Description: Sea turtles are gentle giants ( or tiny jewels) that we all love. Using a medium canteen gourd we will trace a swimming sea turtle, cut it out, embellish it and replace it as a jeweled lid. The inside will be cleaned out and decoupaged to create a faux ocean bowl. The turtle will be decorated using Washi paper, acrylic paint and embossing powders. The outside “ocean” will be a patina finish. A knob may be added to lift the turtle lid.

Instructor Will Provide: Everything will be provided including clean canteen gourds, saws, sandpaper, decoupage materials, paints, washi paper, glues, embossing powder and heat gun

Students Should Bring: May bring special jewel for knob, heat gun



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