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FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22nd  1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Bead Gourdious

Instructor: Tonya Cubeta
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 15 Min #:  3

Description: You will learn to weave wax linen around a small gourd (size and style will vary).  There will be a braided border to finish and beads added to the necklace.  Many colors to choose from.  You may not finish in class, but will know how to finish.

Students Should Bring: scissors






“Eat More Candy”

Instructor: Terry and Sandy Jordan
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10   Min#:  1

Description: The turkey is recommending “Eat More Candy” for Thanksgiving by hiding in a burlap sack and offering candy in a dish.  Students will make this delightful turkey candy dish complete with top hat and feathers.  Quikwood is used to create the turkey and the burlap sack. Gourds are used for the candy dish and bottom of the burlap sack.  Sandy will take pictures to create a step-out that will then be sent to all students via email in the class.  The candy dish rim and mod podge in the inside of the bowl is not part of the class.

Students Should Bring: apron, old paint brushes, water basin





Winged Things

CLASSROOM #3-A Instructor: Connie Williams
Class Fee:  $45 member, $50 non-member
Skill Level:  All
Max # of students: 12 Min #:1

Description:  In this class, students will create 3 “winged things” ornaments, an owl, cardinal, and a bee.  They will create the ornaments using quikwood on gourds.  These are perfect to hang on a wooly tree.

Students Should Bring: an apron/smock to protect their clothes, water basin, and brushes.  (Brush sets (10 brushes in set) are available from the instructor for $18)



Pine Needle Wall Clock

Instructor: Barb Nelson
Class Fee: $60 member, $65 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12 Min#: 2

Description: Create a functional Pine Needle Wall Clock that will serve you for years to come.  Some prior pine needle experience recommended.  Click here for more photos.

Students Should Bring: Everything will be supplied but students should feel free to bring their own favorite coiling tools.


Five Petal Flowers with Mud

Instructor: Karen Beckelman
Class Fee: $73 member, $78 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 12 Min#: 4

Description:Beginner class for mudding. Students will learn to use supplies properly. They will practice flowers and leaves and then put on gourd. Cost of mudding kit included in class fee. Teacher provides Margot Clarks Mudding Kit which you will take home at the end of class. If you sign up for more than one of the mudding classes the kit fee of $38 will be deducted from the class fee as you will only need one kit for the classes.

Students Should Bring: Gourd Base coated with acrylic paint, water basin or cup, paper towels, everything else is in kit.



Advanced Pyrography—Cats and Dogs


Instructor: Fonda Haddad
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Max # of students: 12 Min #:1

Description: Advanced Pyrography—Cats and Dogs.  Reviewing basic wood burning techniques, including choosing a good design, placement on the gourd, and selection of gourds for woodburning.  I will have several dog and cat pictures to choose from, but if you want a specific breed or your own pet you must send me information in advance, fondahaddad@cfl.rr.com.  Emphasis will be on fur and patterns in each breed.  You may make them into treat jars if you like or leave the gourd whole. 

Students Should Bring: thermostatic controlled woodburner with writing tip and shading tip.  I usually use Colwood “C” and “J”, but small, medium and large ball will work or other brands for detail and shading.  I have several woodburners and tips but not enough for the whole class.



Butterfly Vase

Instructor: Sheryl Scott
Class Fee: $40 member, $45 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 15 Min #:1

Description: Using a large Bottle gourd, we will woodburn butterflies all over.  Then we will put a finish on it and weave a pine needle rim across the top.

Students Should Bring: woodburner, blade tip and small ball tip



Woodburned Quilt

Instructor: Katie Westmoreland
Class Fee: $50 member, $55 non-member
Skill Level: All
Max # of students: 10 Min #:4
Description: Woodburned quilt on a cannonball gourd.

Students Should Bring: woodburner and favorite tips. Not necessary to cut into the gourd but won’t hurt it either.








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