Florida Gourd Society, Inc.

April 4, 2014

Spring Breakout Meeting -- 2014 Florida Gourd Show

Show Committee


Rusti Nichols--Show Chair
AB Amis Nancy Conway Clarice Weathers
Ann Reich Therese Ferguson Gail Gowdy
Joyce Amis Therese Zamoiski Fonda Haddad
Pat Robertson Larry Ferguson Sandy Jordan
Veda Krust    


Mona Webb Greer Peters  

Reports--asked for by Rusti Nichols

President--Ann Reich

Ann thanked all the committee chairs, volunteers and show chair for a well run show. She asked that at the conclusion of this meeting, information about the location and dates for the 2015 Florida Gourd Show be sent to Greer Peters for inclusion in the Spring Gourdvine. She also asked that the same information be sent to the Board of Directors, Patch Leaders and Suzi Nonn (webmaster). She also asked that Rusti appoint a co-show chair that will remain in the area during the summer to act as a contact person.

Ann also announced that Therese Zamoiski was the new Vice President. Therese Z. will be able to send email notifications to all FGS members. Therese Z is still Membership chair. She stated FGS currently has 151 members at this time.

Treasurer--Sandy Jordan

A 3-year comparison of the income/expenses for the show was distributed. The show has lost money three years in a row. However, each year therehas been less money lost. Rusti and Sandy will work on a budget for the President and the Board for next year. The bank account has been reconciled as of 3/3/14 and a copy was given to the President. The audit letter should be completed by April 15. The report will be sent to President Reich.

Vice-president/membership--Therese Zamoiski

Nothing to report.

Secretary/Newsletter Editor--Greer Peters

Not in attendance at this time. Arrived late.

2014 Show Reports

Location 2015

The 2015 Florida Gourd Show will be held in Melbourne Florida, at the Azan Shrine Center. The show will be held (per the bylaws), February 27, 28 and March 1, 2015.

Fonda Haddad brought a brochure for Camp Ithiel near Orlando Florida. She asked the committee to review this location for the 2016 show.

Registration--Nancy Conway

Registration went very smoothly. Everyone liked the idea of purchasing classes, t-shirts, dinner tickets, and renew/new membership online. It was requested that next year in the student packets, students would have name tags for each class to make it easier for class instructors and monitors to take roll.

Vendors/Growers--Fonda Haddad

The show had 11 Vendors. The vendors commented they did well. The show had 5 growers. They did well and were very productive. Discussion was held on number of growers staying the same. Fonda said 5 a very good number and she was going to try to keep it at that number. Ann asked that Fonda notify vendors and growers of the date and location for next years show.

Currently vendors pay $65 for a 10 x 8 space inside with electricity. Growers bring their own tents and pay $160. Outside vendors pay a fee of $55 but they must bring their own tents and tables and have no electric.

A motion was made (Robertson) and seconded (T. Ferguson) to raise vendor fees from $65 to $80.The price would include a 10 x 10 space and one table.Any additional tables would be $10. The Growers Fees would be raised to $180. This increase would be for the 2015 show. --Motion passed

Entertainment--Rusti Nichols

The Hawaiian Dancers were well received by the show attendees. It was discussed to have them back again next year if it would fit into the show schedule.

Exhibit Registration--Gail Gowdy

A motion was made (Robertson) and seconded (J. Amis) to limit exhibit registration for competition to members of the Florida Gourd Society, American Gourd Society or a state chapter gourd society. --Motion passed

A motion was made (Gowdy) and seconded (Conway) to assess an Exhibitor entry/registration fee of $10 plus a $2 per gourd fee for all exhibitors. The per gourd fee would be waived if the exhibitor pre-registered during the pre-registration period. The registration fee and per gourd fee would not be waived at the show. --Motion passed

A motion was made to amend the previous motion (T. Ferguson) seconded (Conway) to waive the entry fee and per gourd fee for the Junior Division (18 and under). --Motion passed

T-Shirts--Rusti Nichols

T-shirts sales went very well. Rusti indicated she had only 22 out of 75 left for 2014.Discussion was held for next year and duties:

  • Rusti will order the same number and sizes as in 2014.
  • Therese Ferguson will do the layout.
  • Therese Zamoiski will handle the logo contest.
  • If attendees order online, the cost of the shirts, sizes S-XL, will be at a cost of $8 and sizes XXL-XXXL will be at a cost of $10. The shirts will be sold at the show for $10 and $12, respectively.

Auction/Dinner--Rusti Nichols

Rusti discussed the idea of having the dinner next year in the pavilion at the Shrine Center. This means FGS would not have an additional cost to rent space. It was suggested and decided that Rusti would get bids on catering the dinner. It was recommended, since the theme for 2015 is Gourds American Style, the dinner be an American traditional dinner. The Dinner Menu will be BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Roll, Apple Pie and Ice Tea. The cost of the dinner will depend on the bids. It was decided if the tickets were pre-ordered, then they would be less than if purchased at the show.

It was also suggested that the Auction be considered a separate event that could be advertised to the public. The Committee thought this was a great suggestion. Rusti will look into advertising just the auction for the public.

Auction/Fundraisers--Rusti Nichols

The committee requested that vendors, growers, patches, and members be approached to submit items for the auction.

Patches--Rusti Nichols

Rusti asked that an article be placed in the Spring Gourdvine about the expectations the Show Committee has for the patches. The Committee would like to see the following:

1. Volunteers from the patches before, during and after the show. Help is always needed for monitoring classes, selling t-shirts, selling raffle tickets, and membership.

2. The committee would like to see the patches donate for the auction a basket of gourd goodies.

3. The committee would like to have the patches create 2 large and 2 small table decorations for the dinner tables. These decorations would be auctioned (silent and live) and the monies go to support FGS and the show.

4. The Traveling Gourd is a project done by all patch members. These gourds are voted on by the public for best of show. These projects are also auctioned (live) and the monies returned to the patches to support the patches. Traveling gourd rules are on the website.

New Theme--2016 and 2017--Rusti Nichols

Rusti asked that Patches and Patch Leaders be notified to send suggestions from their patch for a new theme. Rusti will compile all the suggestions and send them to Suzi Nonn to be placed on the web for voting. The suggestion that received the most votes will be used for 2016 and the suggestion with the second most votes will be used for 2017. The suggestions from the patches are due by June 1.

Duties and Responsibilities 2015 Show--Rusti Nichols

Rusti submitted a list of duties and responsibilities required for the 2015 Show:

  • Exhibits--Gail Gowdy, Coordinator
  • Judging--Therese Ferguson, Coordinator
  • Classes and Registration (online)--Sandy Jordan, Coordinator
  • Debbies Booth--Coordinator needed
  • Membership--Therese Zamoiski, Coordinator
  • Vendors/Growers--Fonda Haddad, Coordinator
  • Button Machine, Raffle Tickets, T-Shirts, Dinner Tickets--Mike (Rusti's friend)
  • Logo Contest--Therese Zamoiski, Coordinator
  • Volunteers--Pat Robertson, Coordinator
  • Demonstrations--Veda Krust, Coordinator
  • Auction/Fundraisers--Coordinator needed