Florida Gourd Society, Inc.



March 30, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Rusti Nichols at 12:15 P.M.  Those in attendance were Rusti Nichols, Gail Gowdy, Pat Robertson, Veda Krust, Larry Ferguson, Therese Ferguson, Clarice Weathers, Fonda Haddad, &  Ann Reich.  Via Skype: Sandra Jordan and Therese Zamoiski.

The goal of the Gourd Festival is Education, Networking, and Membership Growth.

Membership report.  Therese Zomoiski reported that we currently have 164 members.

Treasurer’s report.  Sandra Jordan reported that the show did very well this year with a profit of $2,435.86.

It was moved by Ann Reich and seconded by Veda Krust and passed that we do not have T-shirts starting 2016.  We should try to dwindle the supply of remaining T-shirts so that we no longer have to store.  This can be done in a number of ways – sell at low price, give aways as prizes, etc.

It was moved by Pat Robertson and seconded by Fonda Haddad and passed that we purchase bags with the FGSI logo to be distributed at the festival.   Bags could be used for  registration info, workshop info, FGSI info and just given to attendees to use too collect info.    Ann Reich will look into purchasing bags.  Therese Ferguson has logo on computer that we can use for the logo on the bag.  Also discussion on looking into bumper stickers.

This year packets were put together for the instructors.  Discussed and agreed to also  do packets for the vendors next year.

Would like to see more PR used next year especially with our membership. Discussion on putting out posters around January 1.  Places like Ace Hardware, Harbor Freight. Art Supply stores, Art Leagues and Guilds, etc.  Info at Hotels, etc., week of the festival.  Contact schools in the area inviting students.  Could  be part of their education, community work, possibly have art entries, etc.


Discussion about obtaining business cards for FGSI.  Information on the cards could include FGSI membership info and WEB site info along with AGS info.  Also discussion on having business cards for the patches.  These cards could be at the reception desk.

Problem with blowing fuses in the building and pavilion was caused by heat guns and blow dryers.  Will instruct teachers to not allow more than two blow dryers or heat guns to be used at one time per class.

Have silent auction just before the live auction.  Close the silent auction before beginning the live auction.  In instructions to teachers and vendors request donations for the auctions and also for demos.  Members can also donate toward the auction.

Another request was that when teachers provide the gourd for workshop, that they be quality gourds. 

Committees for next year:

Classes, instructors, registration – Sandy Jordan

Exhibits – Gail Gowdy & Brevard Patch

Judging – Therese Zamoiski

Vendors – Fonda Haddad

Volunteer Coordinators – Pat Robertson & Clarice Weathers

Donation Coordinator – Therese Ferguson

Fliers, PR, Graphics, Bags – Ann Reich, Sandra Jordan, Therese Ferguson

Publicity –

Debbie’s Booth –


Classes  8:30 AM to 12 noon

               1:30 PM to 5 PM

Demos  12 noon – 1:30 PM

Meeting was adjourned at 2:12 PM


Minutes taken by Ann Reich