Florida Gourd Society, Inc.

Fall Membership Meeting

Saturday 21st, 2014

Meeting was called to order by Ann Reich – President at 6:15pm.

Patches in Attendance                                                   Absente

NorthEast – 4                                                                 Brevard – 0

ManaSota – 8                                                                Brooksville Gourdette’s – 0

Marion County Gourd Artists – 4                                   Gourdaious  Gourders - 0 

Seminole - 3

 Others - 18

Minutes of Last Meeting - were posted on our web site and were accepted as written.   

Old Business

            Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Jordan gave the treasurers report.  Last year’s Show in Melbourne lost $485.59.  The Show Committee made some changes last year after the show to prevent it from losing money in 2015.  Sandy is in charge of registration which will open November 16th, 2014.  You must be a member at the time you register to get the member fee reduction.  Therese Zamoiski is here and ready to take your membership dues now.  You may write one check for your classes, dinner and tee shirt.  There are 45 classes and you may preview them now, see Sandy.  She will also put them on-line ahead of time, November 14th, 2014, so everyone can preview.

            Retreat – Selma Carrow – Retreat Chairman, thanked Elaine Hays from the Gourd Pile for bringing the gourds, the Blue Whale for coming with all her stuff, and the rest of the vendors and teachers.  She then announced that Troy and Ellen Tatum from Georgia and Suzi Nonn from Maryland will be the featured artists for 2015.  It will be the same weekend, the 3rd weekend in September.

            February Gourd Show - is 27, 28 and March 1st 2015.  The committees are all working on their respective parts.  The dinner will be in the inside class rooms this year.  The carving and wood burning will be outside again and your favorite vendors will return.  Classes will be posted November 14th for your preview.

            By-Law Review – At the last meeting a request was made to review the By-Laws and Connie Worrell and Gail Gowdy volunteered and Jan McCrory has been added to give us three people.  They will review the by-laws and present to Ann Reich for review and then they will be placed on the Web site for all the membership to review 30 days before our February membership meeting and then voted on at the February meeting.  So watch the Web site for important announcements throughout the year.

            Visiting Instructors – All patches qualify to use Visiting Instructor funds, but few use the benefit.  The Board approved that Patches can have a visiting teacher up to two times a year and be reimbursed a maximum of $150 a year.

New Business

Elections for Treasure and Secretary – Our fall membership meeting is the time for elections, per the By-Laws.  It was announced that Sandy Jordan was running for treasure and Greer Peters was running for Secretary.  Nominations from the floor were asked for and there were none.  So the election was unanimous for the presented slate.


·      Dues for next year are due December 31st. 2014.

·      Send in articles for the Gourdvine to Greer Peters by next week.

Motion was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 6:35 p.m.