Florida Gourd Society, Inc.

Florida Gourd Society
Minutes 9-20-13
Fall Membership Meeting

Roll Call of Patches

Brevard – 2                                                     Englewood -0

ManaSota – 10                                                Northeast – 8

River City – 8                                                 Seminole – 2

West Volusia -2                                              Georgia – 3

South Carolina – 4


Approval of Minutes - from last meeting February 23, 2013.  Motion to approve minutes was made by Connie Worrall and seconded by Sandy Jordan.  Minutes were approved as printed on line,

Treasurers Report - Sandy Jordan presented the treasurers report as stands after the Florida Gourd Show in February 2013.

Old Business

  1. Brevard Gourd Patch has requested a link to their patch web site be added to the State Florida Gourd Society.  The request was discussed by the membership and it was agreed that any patch who has it’s own website may have a link added to the state website if they give the information to the president who will review and get it to the webmaster.
  2. GED –Gourd Education Day – Providing information to the general public is part of our Mission Statement, and as such the Board of Directors would like to know it is happening on a regular basis and is willing to provide the patches a small amount to money to help each Patch provide this education in their area of the state.  Following a group discussion a motion was made to provide any patch with a small amount of funding to provide GED services at least once a year.  Motion was made by Connie Worrell and seconded by Carol Stewart.  It passed and it was decided the Patch Leaders will meet by phone and email to set up guidelines for GED activities that will be approved by the Board by February 15, 2014.  Following approval the Patches may request GED funds for these activities. All Patches will NOT have to do the same activities.
  3. Nominating Committee met and presented a slate of officers to be voted on for President and Vice president.  Running for President was Therese Zamoiski and Selma Carrow, for Vice President Ann Reich.  The members voted and selected Selma Carrow and Ann Reich.  Theresa was thanked by Veda Krust from the Nominating committee for wearing “many hats”  during the past two years and all of the time and energy she has put into keeping FGS going and growing at a good pace.
  4. Newsletter Editor Therese Z. asked for a volunteer to take over from Laraine Short who recently resigned.  There were no volunteers.  The secretary, Greer Peters, will take that position and keep the newsletter going until a volunteer comes forward.  Next dead line for submissions for Fall Newsletter is October 15, 2013.
  5. New Members being able to vote?  Louise Leake, wondered how it was that new members can vote for officers if they do not attend the Retreat.  Discussion followed with point being made that the election of officers is publicized more than 30 days prior to the Fall Retreat so all members know it will happen and our By-laws consider the members attending the Fall Meeting to be a quorum to make these decisions.  The issue was referred to the next Board of Directors for discussion after January 2014.

New Business

  1. Pryographing / Wood Burning 101 – A discussion was held about the need to do some classes for very new beginners in wood burning and basic carving.  Suggestions made included; listing classes with correct descriptions, i.e. ‘must know how to operate, turn on and off, change tips or burrs etc) tools and be familiar with tips (burrs) and what they do prior to class, do free demonstration classes with Q & A,  doing a regular class just for beginners.  Suggestions will be passed on to Show Chair Rusti Nichols.
  2. 2014 Florida Gourd Show – Show Chair not present, president said she is in contact with her and all is on track for February. Therese Ferguson is handling teacher applications, Vendor applications are going to Fonda Haddad.  There was a discussion on the need for another Judged Training possibly before the Show.  It was mentioned new judges “apprentice judges” must now do three judging activities in their first 12 month after training and send proof to Terry Noxell.
  3. 2014 Fall Retreat – report from Selma Carrow the Retreat Chair.  Group discussion about the pros and cons of having Bonnie Gibson back.  It has been a number of years since she was here and we have a lot of new members. Then there is the cost of getting her here. It was also suggested to get Marla Helton too. A motion was made by Sandy Jordan and seconded by Connie Worrell to add an extra $1000 to the Retreat budget to make this possible.   



  1. Charlotte Durrence announced the Georgia Gourd Show is next weekend.
  2. Greer Peters – newsletter editor, reminded every one to get their articles in by the 15th of October.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Greer Peters – ManaSota Patch