Florida Gourd Society, Inc.


Each Patch of the FGS in good standing (meaning at least ½ of its members have paid their dues to FGS for the current calendar year) will be entitled to have FGS pay for expenses of a visiting instructor once per calendar year (based on funding).

  • Expenses paid will be a maximum of $150 per patch per year. Expenses can include gas and hotel and will be reimbursed based on receipts.
  • Instructors are allowed to charge for their classes and that will be agreed upon by each individual patch.
  • Patches are encouraged to notify all other patch leaders of the dates and classes of their visiting instructors to allow others to attend these sessions as well.
  • Receipts for reimbursement from visiting instructors will be required to be forwarded to the Treasurer of FGS no later than 10 days from end of class along with attached form.
  • Reimbursement of expenses to visiting instructors will be paid within 10 days following receipt of verification of expenses.
  • Patches will be required to submit attached request form for approval by the President one month prior to the class being held.  The President will then forward form to the Treasurer making Treasurer aware of future expenses needing to be paid

Instructor Reimbursement Form (word document)
Instructor Reimbursement Form (pdf document)

Request for Visiting Instructor Form (word document)
Request for Visiting Instructor Form (pdf document)