Friday Morning Classes




Mr. Bobble Head Turtle 

Instructor: Toni Mickle        

Cost: Member—$60, Non-member—$65

Morning 8:30 am — 12:00 pm

inside Classroom #1

Skill Level: All

Description: You will be making a Bobble head turtle using a cannon ball, banana and canteen gourd. you will be staining prepared gourds to your desired color. You will add cording to make the design. then learn the assembly to balance the gourd so it will move its head.

Students Must Bring: apron, dust mask, gloves. All other supplies will be provided by the Instructor.




Charming Mud Light        

Instructor: Terry and Sandy Jordan      

Cost: Member—$55, Non-member—$60

Morning 8:30 am — 12:00 pm

Inside Classroom #2

Skill Level: All

Description: The student will use a small cannonball gourd to create this light. The student will learn to “mud” a five petal flower and leaf design on the gourd. They will also learn how to create a triple cluster. Holes will then be drilled to allow light to come through the gourd. Mud is a dimensional paint developed by Margot Clark. Her mud and techniques will be used. Instructor will supply mud, brush, gourd (cleaned and painted), base and light kit. Mudding kits will be available to purchase. 

I want to thank, Margot Clark and Carol Craig for teaching me this beautiful technique.

Students must bring: Nothing but an apron





Instructor: Sherry Briscoe       

Cost: Member—$,40 Non-Member—$45

Morning 8:30 am — 12:00 pm

Inside Classroom #3

Skill Level: All

Description: In this class, students will learn how to base-coat a gourd eliminating those aggravating 

paint ridges. They will then learn a painting technique to mimic faux horsehair pottery. They will trace their bison/tatanka pattern and paint it in silhouette. They will finish the gourd bowl by painting the inside with a mixture of ModPodge and black paint.

Students must bring: An apron to protect your clothes, and a hair dryer. If you have any favorite paint brushes, you may bring them, but the instructor will have brushes for student use. 




Blooming Dreams        

Instructor: Nancy Amburgey      

Cost: Member—$55, Non-member—$60

Morning 8:30 am — 12:00 pm

Inside Classroom #4

Skill Level: All

Description: A small wall hanging will be made by wood burning and painting a flower during the class. In addition, the center of the flower will include a dream catcher. Lastly, the student can add feathers and possibly some beads to finalize the project. Students should finish the gourd in class. However, if they do not, instructions will be provided to finish on their own. 

Students Must Bring: A wood burner with skewer and ball tip pens, apron, gloves and heat gun. If a student has specific feathers or beads, they would like to use, please bring them also. Beads will need to go through 4 ply waxed linen thread.




Chipmunk Pyrography        

Instructor: Troy Tatum        

Cost: Member—$50, Non-Member—$55

Morning 8:30 am — 12:00 pm

Outside Classroom #8

Skill Level: All

Description: Come join us in making this cute chipmunk feeding on an acorn. We will woodburn the design, add shading and border and color the gourd.

Students Must Bring: Adjustable temperature pyrography tool with skew nib pen, medium to large ball or other shading nib pens.



Looping Coil joined with a stick       

Instructor: Debbie Wilson       

Cost: Member—$50, Non-Member—$55

Morning 8:30 am — 12:00 pm

Inside Classroom #9

Skill Level: All

Enjoy the process of Coiling around and back, forming loops on a dyed and sealed gourd. You will finish this art piece by interweaving the loops with a stick.

Students Must Bring: apron and a tapestry needle , I am providing all materials except needles.





8:30 — 12:00 PM        

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