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Twined Base and Knotted Gourds (Two Techniques in One Class)  

Instructor: Nancy Amburgey       

Cost: Member—$55, Non-Member—$60

Morning 9:00 am — 2:00 pm

Inside Classroom #1

Skill Level: All

Description: In this class, each student will make a total of three gourds. The projects are NOT related, but the techniques learned are ones that may easily be incorporated into many other future projects. Students will learn to twine a base on a gourd. Also taught in the class is a technique to apply a knot on gourds. Two different versions will be offered, either with a spiral, as shown, and without the spiral.

The Twined Base technique on a gourd adds that extra touch, just like putting a rim on a gourd. Sometimes it makes all the difference. In this class the student will learn to twine a base on the bottom of the gourd. This is a way to slightly elevate the gourd to allow it to sit when a gourd does not have a completely flat bottom. The class will include marking and drilling holes in addition to weaving the bottom. This technique will be helpful for other gourd projects you develop. A 5-7" diameter gourd bowl will be provided, along with the lacing material.

For the Knotted Gourds technique, you will create the other two gourds, students will be learning to tie a knot on a banana gourd - one with and one without a spiral. The student will have an elegant gourd by using chair cane (rattan) to tie a knot. The gourds can be used decoratively with a base or hung on a stand. They also make wonderful ornaments.

Students should finish all gourds in class. However, if they do not, instructions will be provided to finish on their own. 

Students Must Bring: Awl, needle nose pliers, pointed tip scissors 



Double Wall Basket Rim        

Instructor: Toni Mickle        

Cost: Member—$60, Non-member—$65

Morning 9:00 am — 2:00 pm

Inside Classroom #2

Skill Level: All

Description: Students will learn how to space the holes on the gourd to add spokes to the gourd and use basket reed to form a double wall rim on a gourd. No weaving experience needed.

Students Must Bring: Old towel, apron. All other supplies will be provided by the Instructor 



Coiling on an Electrified Gourd       

Instructor: Suzi Nonn        

Cost: Member—$50, Non-Member—$55

Morning 9:00 am — 2:00 pm

Outside Classroom #3

Skill Level: All

Description: Instructor will provide a pre- electrified gourd, ready to weave. After inserting eyelets, learn to coil the rim with electric wire around the top. 

Students Must Bring: Students should bring a drill and 1/8 inch drill bit.





8:30 — 12:00 PM        

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